Architecture of the XXI century
Architecture of the XXI century

Cute streets, beautiful houses, old buildings – all this attracts tourists to Paris, Vienna, Venice, Rome and lesser-known but very beautiful places – somewhere in Santo Domingo in Spain or the “old” towns of England. Of course, all this beauty has been going on for a very long time, when no one knew about such concepts as vds hosting, ArhiCAD, 3ds Max and Artlantis, and each building and style was thought over for a long time and was unique.

It took years, not months, to develop the drawings, but it is thanks to the work of architects of those times that we are now admiring the gorgeous views of old cities. But everything is changing, and just as at the end of the XVIII century, the Baroque supplanted Romanticism, and in the XXI century no one wants to remember modernity.

Architectural styles of the XXI century

A person’s aesthetic tastes directly depend on the time and environment in which he lives – it is these two principles that determine how he wants to see the world around him. Thus, the architecture of the XXI century has become the personification of the union of three “notes– – utility, durability and beauty. Innovations and rapid development in science, technology, construction and design have led to the emergence of new solutions in architecture.

As for modern buildings, architects, forgetting about modernity, offer minimalism, hi-tech and bio-tech as more suitable and satisfying the tastes of modern man. Minimalism becomes a style of simplification of shapes, colors (pastel tones), decor and even surface treatment. As for hi-tech, it, like bio-tech, surprises with forms. This style, again, is not rich in colors, but it is rich in designs, metal chrome details and elements.

What is very interesting is that during the development of the above “pastel” styles, a pseudo-Japanese style develops, which is full of flowers, exoticism and attachment to landscape design, landscaping and nature.