Architecture of railway stations
Architecture of railway stations

Russian Art Nouveau differs from Western European by the pitched roofs of the main building and the outbuildings of numerous turrets that were used to decorate the towers. This is exactly what the old Yekaterinburg railway station looked like before the reconstruction. Now it is a modern building, multifunctional, strong, made of concrete, with a metal frame, the details of which have gone under several layers of plaster.

His ticket offices are universal fences, near which it is pleasant to stand, and to solve problems with a long-distance trip. If the family needs to get to Ukraine, then a special terminal will help to plot a route. On the territory of a neighboring state, you can get information through a similar device after entering the words Sarny train tickets into the corresponding windows.

The splendor of the station buildings

Such state buildings are striking with their coloring: it is always bright, unique in its perception, striking with stucco on the facade. The symmetry of the building is not only outside, but also inside. Ticket offices are not only the same in appearance, but also in content. This is very convenient when you have to move from one queue to another and not think that there will be a delay in one of them just because the printer and the ticket cashier’s computer are inconveniently installed.

The architectural appearance of almost all stations in the style of Russian Art Nouveau is stone chambers, the wings of which are one–story whitewashed buildings, more like a tower with columns. The latter are powerful enough for low structures, but this is the beauty of the architectural forms of modern hinterlands.

Ticket offices

Their interior is simple in perception, but convenient in functionality. Plastic, which has several zones allocated, attracts with its clear shapes. For example, transparent windows in ticket offices have the correct geometric proportions. The passenger sees the friendly face of the cashier and can observe the actions of the latter, as well as the operation of printing devices. At the same time, it is impossible to commit illegal actions through such plastic structures-cabins, which increases the safety of employees at the time of performing their duties.