We emphasize the beauty of architectural objects at night

Each architectural object should be endowed with a unique evening appearance. For these purposes, it is recommended to install outdoor lighting and this should be done depending on the business activity, functionality, maintenance and other parameters of a particular building or structure. At the same time, lamps for outdoor lighting are mainly used. Such products are offered by the SLV website. A well-lit building is a unique object, as well as an “impregnable fortress” for lovers of illegal acts.

We will improve the exterior of buildings

To create an optimal system of architectural lighting, both designed and operated object requires not only specific knowledge with skills, but also modern lighting fixtures:

  1. Wall mounted (for the street). Since these products are located outside the house, they are reliable, moisture-resistant and quite durable. Their production is not complete without the use of special paints, protective coatings and materials.
  2. For installation under a canopy. Provide uniform symmetrical light distribution.
    Unpaved. Their housing is additionally protected, which avoids mechanical damage. They are used in combination with other lamps.
  3. Searchlights. They are distinguished by excellent color reproduction, which is as close as possible to sunlight. Resistant to dust and high humidity.
  4. The columns are landscape. These functional devices are the best choice for improving the territory of cottages and country houses.
  5. Built into the wall. The facade of the building and its original elements are well illuminated.
  6. Demonstration. Thanks to various design solutions and colors, the products are suitable for various buildings – offices, houses, industrial facilities and others.

One of the best manufacturers of lamps of various types, including those designed for outdoor lighting, is the SLV brand. Its products are quite in demand among consumers.

We emphasize the beauty of architectural objects at night
We emphasize the beauty of architectural objects at night